Toyota Corolla, Prius, Prime OEM Charcoal/Silver Hubcap Wheel Cover 1 piece

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  1. Toyota Corolla 2020-2022:

    • These hubcaps are designed for the Toyota Corolla model years 2020 to 2022.
    • They feature a charcoal/silver painted finish with a 10-spoke design.
    • The hubcaps fit 15-inch alloy wheels and have 5 lugs.
    • The original equipment (OE) part numbers are 42602-47261 and 42602-47260.
    • These hubcaps are suitable for Corolla owners who want to restore their vehicle’s original look.
  2. Toyota Prius 2019-2022:

    • These hubcaps are compatible with the Toyota Prius model years 2019 to 2022.
    • They share the same specifications as the Corolla hubcaps (charcoal/silver finish, 10-spoke design, 15-inch alloy wheels, and 5 lugs).
    • The OE part numbers for the Prius are 42602-47261 and 42602-47260.
    • Prius owners looking for a sleek appearance can consider these hubcaps.
  3. Toyota Prius Prime 2020-2022:

    • These hubcaps fit the Toyota Prius Prime model years 2020 to 2022.
    • Like the Corolla and regular Prius, they have a charcoal/silver painted finish and a 10-spoke design.
    • The hubcaps are designed for 15-inch alloy wheels with 5 lugs.
    • The OE part numbers for the Prius Prime are 42602-47261 and 42602-47260.
    • Prius Prime owners seeking both style and efficiency can opt for these hubcaps.

Remember that these hubcaps are single pieces, and the price for each is $89.00. Enjoy restoring your Toyota’s original look! ??

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