Full Moon Covers Entire Wheel

Smoothie Wheel Covers

These are the classic smoothie hubcaps. Hubcap Mike's Smoothie wheelcovers have a beautiful polished finish ...they're like a round mirror. Also known as baby moon or moon hubcaps (baby moons), this smoothie is a chromed solid steel moon wheel cover with a 360° steel retention system which is a continuous part of the hub cap (all one piece). So when you put these on your wheel, they will stay put. These are very solid, all steel caps, not the cheap flimsy variety found elsewhere! Perfect finishing touch to a classic car restoration or kustom car project; your wheels will never look better! These are the finest quality brand new wheel covers, just choose size to buy online!

"Hey Mike! How do I figure out what size moon hubcaps I need?"  Sizing Smoothie Moon Hubcaps

Don't miss our Cone-Style as well!

Smoothie - 12 inch Hubcaps

$49 each / 4 for $179

Smoothie - 13 inch Hubcaps

$39 each / 4 for $139

Smoothie - 14 inch Hubcaps

$39 each / 4 for $139

Smoothie - 15 inch Hubcaps

$39 each / 4 for $139

Smoothie - 16 inch Hubcaps

$59 each / 4 for $219

Cone-Style Moon Hub Cap 15 inch

$44.99 each / 4 for $159

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Smoothie Hubcaps on Cars?
Hubcap Mike believes that selling hubcaps is a fun business, and he's been doing it since 1992. Customer satisfaction Guaranteed! Fast Shipping! Wheel Covers ordered on business days before noon PST are shipped the same day. Smoothies make great PT Cruiser Hubcaps!
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