Outside Bumps Wheel

How to Measure for Baby Moon Hubcaps When Your Wheel has 3 or 4 Bumps on the Outside of the Wheel Flange.

How to Measure 3 Bump Wheels

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How to Measure 4 Bump Wheels

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My Wheel Measured 823/32 inches

Measures 8-23/32" for Baby Moons

My Wheel Measured 95/16 inches

Measures 9-5/16" for Baby Moon

My Wheel Measured 93/4 inches

Measures 9-3/4" for Baby Moon

My Wheel Measured 101/8 inches

Measures 10-1/8" for Baby Moon Wheel Cover

My Wheel Measured 115/8 to 113/4 inches

Measures 11-5/8" to 11-3/4" for Baby Moons

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