Wheels With Clips

Choose the Baby Moon Hubcap That Will Fit Your Vintage Wheel That Has Clips

Choosing your baby Moons is simple! See below which wheel (that has hubcap clips riveted to the wheel) best describes your wheel. Then easily buy baby moon hubcaps for sale prices online.

Airstream Travel Trailer Moons 6 Lug Wheels That Have 3 - 6 Hubcap Clips on Wheel.

1940 to 1975 Airstream Hubcaps Trailer Baby Moons. Also vintage truck wheel covers for 1940 - 1963 Chevy trucks as well as 1940-1948 Chevrolet passenger cars.

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47'-70' Chevy Truck Moons 8 Lug Wheels That Have Baby Moon Retention Clips on the Wheel.

1947 to 1970 Chevrolet Baby Moon Hubcaps. Fits 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks, 3800 series, 3600 series, c30 and c20 Chevrolet Trucks

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Retro Trailer Baby Moon Hubcap Wheel Covers for 4 Lug 12" Wheels with 4 Hubcap Clips on Wheel

For Tee Nee, Holsclaw, Gator and Dilly vintage trailers. These 12" wheels were used for Crosley cars as well and wheels made by General Tire in the 50's - 60's.

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Baby Moons for 1949-1953 Chevy Passenger Car with 5 Clip, 5 Lug, 4-3/4 Bolt Pattern Wheels

1949-1953 Chevy Car Moons

For 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 Chevrolet Passenger Cars with 5 Moon Retention Clips, 5 Lug, 4-3/4 Bolt Pattern Wheels. Sometimes these wheels are found on vintage trailers.

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