2014-2021 Dodge Ram ProMaster 16 inch Hubcap Cargo Van Replica Black Wheel Cover Bolt-on

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Details & Dimensions

This Ram ProMaster Cargo Van wheelcover is a bolt-on wheel cover, so it is difficult for it to fly off of your wheel. Aftermarket direct replacement imposter hubcap for ProMaster 16 inch wheels (R16 tires). Beautiful black finish on this 5 split-spoke hub cap which fits ProMaster 1500, ProMaster 2500 and Promaster 3500 years 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021.

These "bolt-on" to your Dodge Ram factory steel wheel. SEE OUR PHOTO OF WHAT YOUR FACTORY STEEL WHEEL MUST LOOK LIKE TO FIT.

You do NOT have to jack up your ProMaster Cargo Van or remove your wheel to install this hubcap. Line up your new wheel cover's valve stem indentation with the wheel's valve stem and also with the 3 smaller holes on the new hubcap to visualize. Only remove those 3 lug nuts that line up with the 3 smaller holes on the hub cap. After you remove the 3 lug nuts, line up your new hubcap's 2 larger holes with the remaining 2 lug nuts still on the wheel (also line up the valve stem on your wheel, with the valve stem indentation on the new hub cap. Press the hubcap on. Then screw your removed three lug nuts back on and torque to factory specs. See our photos!

Delivered ready to install on your Promaster van (fully assembled). Years 14' 15' 16' 17' 18' 19' 20' 21' Part # 54516blk

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