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Full Moon Wheel Covers

Choose your trailer hubcaps and wheel covers from our large selection of full wheel covers for 12" 13 inch, 14 inch, 15 inch and 16 inch factory steel wheels as well as baby moon center cap type wheelcovers for wheels as small as 12 inch! Below you will find our hard to find Vintage Airstream baby moon center cap hubcaps and baby moons that fit little 12" wheels for Tee Nee, Gator, Dilly and Holsclaw vintage trailers. If your trailer has factory auto steel wheels you can buy racing disc hub caps or our full moon smoothie wheel cover at on sale prices!

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Airstream Trailer Baby Moon Trailer 12 inch Wheel Baby Moons
$45 each / 4 for $169 $60 each / 4 for $229
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Baby Moon
Fits 3 or 4 Nub Center Cap Hub

Fits pre-1990 American car or truck wheels that have either 3 or 4 Nub center cap Hubs.

13"-16" Full Moon Hubcap

Choose by wheel size.
It covers entire wheel and has a hole for the valve stem.

$15 each / 4 for $50Starting at  $25 each / 4 for $89
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12"-16" Racing Disc Moon

Choice of solid stainless steel or solid aluminum.

15" Full Moon Hubcap
Cone-Shape Trailer Hubcaps

Vintage 57' Plymouth look, solid steel and Brilliant Chrome Cone Shaped Trailer Full Moon Hubcaps.
Also Avion travel trailer hubcaps.

Starting at  $24.99 each / 4 for $89 $35 each / 4 for $129

Hubcap Mike says that selling all of the different hubcaps that he has for sale is a fun business, and he's at it since 1992. Whether it is for your auto trailer, travel trailer, race car trailer or boat trailer, you will find it here at on sale prices. Customer satisfaction Guaranteed! Fast Shipping! In Stock wheel covers ordered on business days before noon PST are shipped the same day.

Any questions just call us Toll Free: (800) 774-6637.

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