2013-2015 Honda Civic 5 Spoke Twisted Bolt-on Chrome 15 inch Hub Cap

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Details & Dimensions

Aftermarket chrome 2013 2014 2015 Honda Civic wheel cover that's 5 spoke twisted spoke and it's bolt-on 15 inch just like the Civic factory original.

You do NOT have to jack up the car to install. Just remove 3 of the 5 corresponding lug nuts and then remove your old wheel cover. Then line up your new wheel cover with the valve stem opening on your hub cap and the valve stem on your wheel and also the remaining 2 lug nuts still on your wheel, with the two larger holes on your new hubcap, so that the 2 lug nuts will go through the openings and show through when you press the hub cap on. Then screw your removed three lug nuts back on and torque to factory specs.


Our Civic hubcap is Fully Assembled ready for quick installation.


"Hey Mike, ya gotta help me! Do you have this same hubcap, BUT with a Silver finish?"
Absolutely, here you go!   Silver Finish 2013 2014 2015 Civic Hubcaps

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