17 inch Hubcaps - Chrome Finish - Fits 17" Wheels (R-17 tires)

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Details & Dimensions

These custom 17" hubcaps have a chrome finish and will fit Chrysler and Dodge wheels with (r-17) tires. Fantastic for late model Chrysler wheel covers.

For 04' 05' 06' 07' 08' 09 and 10' Chrysler 300 hubcaps, and 06' - 12' Dodge Charger hubcap, Magnum and Daytona wheel covers. Fits these listed vehicles Only.

These hubcaps really stay on your wheel because they have an all metal clipping retention system (both metal ring and wheel clips). Click photo below to enlarge! and also, they are bolt-on (held on by 3 of the lug bolts. Just remove the 3 corresponding lug nuts, snap on your new hub cap and tighten the 3 lug nuts back on. Chrysler recommends 80-90 foot pounds of torque.

All Metal Clipping System

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