Screw-On Racing Disc Wheel Cover Installation Instructions

Screw-On Racing Disc Hubcap Instructions for Installation

Please Read Instructions from Beginning to End Before Starting Installation

  1. "Break the bead" on your tires (let the air out of the tire and separate the tire from the front of the wheel) before drilling any holes. This will prevent the chance of damaging the tire or sealing area while you are drilling.
  2. Lay your new Screw-On Racing Disc on the front of the wheel and mark the through holes.
  3. Center punch the marks and drill them through with a No.21 drill bit.
  4. Tap the holes using a 10-32 tap.
  5. Using 10-32 screws, screw your new racing disc onto the wheel. Important: The screws need to be close to flush with the back side of the front of the wheel, so as to not protrude into the tire and puncture the tire or break the seal. Check for proper screw length before re-inflating the tire and screwing the racing disc back on.
  6. Once you have confirmed that the screw length is correct (flush), remove the racing disc.
  7. Now fully re-inflate the tire.
  8. Apply a ¾" diameter drop of clear silicone gasket sealant to both sides of the racing disc holes and then screw the racing disc back onto the wheel. This insures that the racing disc won't move around on the wheel after installation.


  1. Due to slight variances in the hole locations on the racing disc, it is recommended that you make a mark on the back side of the disc at the hole closest to the valve stem immediately after marking the holes. This will allow you to reinstall the racing disc in the same position (so that the holes line up properly) when the disc is removed.
  2. Check the screws periodically for tightness and re-apply silicone sealant if necessary.
  3. Wheel weights may be attached to the backside of the wheel or you can use the stick on type.

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